This recount of LaFarris’ journey is an emotional roller coaster that will challenge you to rethink what is possible when you decide that giving up is not an option.  The braiding of faith, hope and love through out her journey is truly inspiring. LaFarris’ is resilience personified!

-Lawanda “Elle Michell” Hall
Certified Life Coach | Business Strategist


“LaFarris Risby’s book ‘Dare to Dream,’ offers real inspiration and encouragement to girls and women of all ages, but particularly those who have experienced the trauma of domestic violence. It’s a powerful, page-turner of a book about achieving victory over personal and professional challenges, and finding success in business, life and love.”

Norma F. Stanley, Author, Speaker, Founder- E.E.E.Marketing Group

Dare to Dream is a must read for anyone who is looking to follow their authentic calling and purpose. If you know that there is a purpose that you must follow, this book will provide you with inspiration to take a chance on yourself and follow your dream.”

Monica McCoy, Founder, Executive Coach, Global Speaker, and Business Strategist Monica-Moviates

Dare to Dream is the phenomenal true story of a single black teen age mother, later married, who overcame obstacles and seemingly impossible odds to become the founder and owner of Loving Arms Childcare and Preschool.  Loving Arms is the largest African American owned and operated childcare business in the community.  Through faith, creating opportunities where there seemingly were none, the book shows how the author created her legacy to share with the world.  Dare to Dream is a must read for all of us to successfully endure the roller coaster ride that comes with real life .”

Diane F. Smith, HappiMinds Foundation, CEO

Dare to Dream walks you through LaFarris’ life letting you see firsthand her determination and fortitude that allowed her to achieve amazing levels of success. No matter what walk of life you are from, this book will inspire you to keep going or start moving towards your dreams. Dare to Dream shows you what’s possible if you believe in yourself and are determined to never give up.”

Nicole Long, Owner, Twinkle Toes Nanny Agency

“To me, Dare to Dream tells a compelling story of a self-determined woman that was faced with traumatic problems and situations. Her unshakable faith in God and humanity, inspired her to fulfill her legacy.”

Patricia McRipley , Retired Detroit, MI Public School Teacher

Dare to Dream by LaFarris Risby is a great read for all, it takes you into her life and journey of navigating through ups and downs as she teaches us about the importance of loving yourself and others.”

Sheri Crawley, CEO/Founder of Pretty Brown Girl

Dare to Dream is the eye-opening and transparent journey of LaFarris’s evolution from a painful past to a truly remarkable present. She takes readers along a timeline of personal events that were the perfect mix for quitting and losing hope; instead, her resilience in matters such as losing her mother, teen pregnancy, domestic abuse, and even homelessness, encourage readers that no matter the circumstances or choices we make in life, that there is always hope on the other side if we DARE TO DREAM. This story is captivating but most of all awe-inspiring.”

Veronica Lee, ImMEDIAte Solutions - Media Creator & Consultant

“POWER comes when you go back to the place where you thought it was first lost it. In her remarkable life story, LaFarris demonstrates how she regained and nurtured her power through sense of self. Every entrepreneur and leader needs to read this because we all have defining moments where life can knock us down. The question is, what will you do to get back and THRIVE? LaFarris is a true inspiration and role model. Her candor and truth will resonate with all readers. ”

LaKisha Greenwade (Coach L), LuckiFit- Founder - Brand Strategist and Tech Founder

Dare to Dream takes you on the journey of how one woman Lafarris Risby turned her obstacles into opportunities her fear into faith and her setbacks into a setup for success. A good read for those who dare to dream and pursue their goals.  ”

Linda Clemons, Body Language Expert - Founder of Sisterpreneur

LaFarris L. Risby, CFLE

Entrepreneur  |  Speaker  |  Educator  |  Business Strategist  |  Consultant  |  Executive Coach

With more than 20 years’ experience in Early Childhood Education and Family Support, LaFarris Risby is a woman with renowned credentials and a tangible success story. LaFarris is an author, speaker, business strategist, consultant, and executive coach. She is the founder of Loving Arms™ Childcare and Preschool, the largest African American owned childcare business in her community. She holds degrees in Early Childhood Education, Human Services and is a Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE). Under the umbrella of LaFarris, Inc., she is passionate about helping women embark upon the paths of entrepreneurship, maintaining proper work and life balance, and creating a legacy. She is committed to assisting companies to increase employee morale and retention by designing corporate childcare settings conducive to a safe and healthy learning environment.

LaFarris provides families with quality resources for education and empowerment. LaFarris oversees and delivers trainings and staff development activities, a wide variety of early childhood, health, parenting, and family related programs in collaboration with notable organizations throughout the nation. She has authored two instructional audiobooks, “Quality Childcare on a Shoe-String Budget” and “11 Essential Keys to Quality Care and Profitability,” and has published a variety of articles relative to her expertise.

Among her outstanding achievements, LaFarris is an alumnus of Goldman Sachs’s 10,000 Small Businesses Program and has also been a featured host of its affiliated Small Business Fridays Podcast. She has been featured in publications like the Atlanta Journal, Atlanta Tribune, Kansas City Globe, Daily Union Newspaper, Supplierty News, Patch Media, and Today’s Purposed Woman Magazine. She has been a keynote speaker for a variety of conferences and seminars including Coca-Cola’s Global Supplier Diversity Curriculum, Dare 2 Dream, Unleash Your Gift to Speak, Kansas Association for the Education of Young Children, LuckiFit Home Brands Summit, and Sisterpreneur.

Still, what’s most captivating about LaFarris is the story behind her zeal and commitment for early childhood education and family well-being. Some of LaFarris’ most life shaping experiences include the grief of losing her mother at six years old, becoming a teenage mother at 15, giving birth to a premature child, being married to her womanizing and abusive high school sweetheart, and even homelessness. However, LaFarris believed that she could overcome life’s obstacles through faith, and her dreams that once seemed impossible, became possible.

LaFarris is a loving wife, mother, and grandmother who is purposefully committed to living a life of legacy that will impact generations to come. Inspired by her late father’s notable quote, “the decisions you make today will ultimately affect your tomorrow,” LaFarris’s goal is to underline the importance of personal responsibility, rich relationships, and legacy in order to create a life of greatness.



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